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Hi there! My name is E Dyer. I'm an artist living and working in San Francisco.

Connected by light is a one page comic & poster I made on an iPad.

Due to the stay in place orders during COVID-19, I've been able to focus 130 hours of work into this large project. I think it should be able to print up to at least 20x30 inches! You can download it, print it, and do whatever you like with it.

This piece revolves around on one of my favorite activities, walking.

Walking gives us a chance to slow down, for our thoughts to catch up with us. Walking is also a way to for us to connect to the neighborhoods we live in. Walking makes it easier to meet people; to stop and look around. In life, scenes exist as a memory—a meditation of the past and what is to come. Painting requires me to slow down—like walking through my neighborhood.


I also have zines for sale! Zines are a self-published work of original text and images, typically DIY. I hand make all of my zines, and do all of the printing, cutting, and binding myself.

My zines Look Up and Everything ends in Mystery were both originally done with ink on paper. There's Still Magic Among the Stars, my newest zine, was originally done with oil paint on arches oil paper.

All of my zines are mailed with an original ink painting + a handwritten letter, which comes in a wax sealed envelope! To purchase my zines visit